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Marin Visions™ Calendars
"Promote Your Business for a Penny a Day"

Marin Visions Wall Calendar Marin Visions™ wall calendars are a targeted marketing tool for Marin County professionals photographed and produced annually since 1995 by San Rafael photographer Alan Plisskin.

Custom imprinted with your name and business contact information, Marin Visions calendars are an effective and affordable way to promote your services to local residents and businesses.

• Effective
Successful Marin County real estate agents, insurance brokers and other business professionals know the value of a comprehensive marketing program. Continually keeping themselves in the client's mind is the best way to garner referrals and generate future business.

A Marin Visions wall calendar custom imprinted with your name and business information will remind your customers of your services 365 days a year.

Because your clients will intimately relate to the beautifully photographed local Marin County scenes and locations depicted in the Marin Visions Calendar, the "throw-away" rate common to more generic promotional calendars is virtually eliminated.

Since its introduction in 1995, the renewal rate for purchasers of Marin Visions Calendars has been over 94%!

Promotional mailings can cost hundreds of dollars to produce and mail. But how do you know if people read them before they're tossed into the recycling bin?

When your customers receive a high-quality, full-color Marin Visions Calendar, they're going to enjoy hanging it on their wall and using it for the whole year!

The cost? About a penny per day per customer to keep your name in front of your clients for an entire year.

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MarinVisions, the book, is now available!

I am proud to announce the release of my 200+ page Marin Visions book which is a compilation of my over 3 decades of capturing the beauty of our amazing county.
Images from our beautiful coastline, to the top of Mt. Tamalpais, to the Golden Gate Bridge and to the Marin/Sonoma border, from aerial images to intimate landscapes, all captured in over 225 images for you to enjoy!


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